The Magic of NoteSlate

Por Jose Luis Bru

One of the first reactions of many people when facing an ebook reader for the first time is throwing their fingers in as if it was an iPhone or any other tactile device. They are about to discover e-ink is an outdated and extremely simple technolog. It is as simple as its goal: simulate paper.

Amazon, Sony, iRex and many others have been launching e-readers with increasingly more capabilities. But their success is mainly because they allow you to read without hurting your eyes. There’s nothing more to it. But even as a piece of paper cannot receive live updates on nothing or store thousands of pages inside, it still retained something e-readers couldn’t do: you could always take notes or doodle on a piece of paper. To solve this comes NoteSlate.

It’s an e-ink tablet in which you can write with a special pen or your own finger and quickly store your notes. The never-ending notebook. The battery will last for 180 hours and there’ll be a special charger using solar energy. And all this for only 99 dollars, say its makers. It also has wi-fi, a USB port, and MP3 playing capabilities.

Future versions will support PDFs and include their very own OCR software to translate or notes to print text. If all this is true this will be a revolutionary gadget. For now you can subscribe to their mailing list to remain updated and be ready for the product launch in june.

Via | Engadget

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