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Santiago de Chile’s metro lives in color

Por Dani Martinez

I love that its been a while since art is not to be found only on canvass, or a museum’s wall. I love that young artists can change their neighborhoods, their city and even their country. They can change a place into an urban canvass which makes you take notice and smile.

Cekis aka Nelson Rivas is a Chilean artist and a recent immigrant to New York’s jungle. A self-taught muralist who belongs to the first generation of Latin America’s Graffiti/Street Art artists. He is, without a doubt, an icon which helped to popularize and expand this art form in Chile through the creation of murals and urban interventions.

Edouard Martinet and his tin zoo

Por Dani Martinez

Tin and anything else which can be molded. Any piece is good if you have the vision to complete the puzzle, and this man has both those requirements: vision and pieces to spare.

Edourd began his journey at Paris’ ESAG, then worked as a graphic designer for a long time. In 1990, he started to sculpt, and all his sketches became a reality. Since then, his work has proudly grown. He currently lives and works in Rennes and, aside from creating, he teaches at LISAA’s art school.

‘The BMW Art Car Tour’: automobiles as art

Por Jorge García

tour bmw

A few days ago the BMW Art Car Tour documentary saw its public premiere, a collector’s piece because of the work on show. And it deals with a compilation of all of the participants of BMW Art Car, an event organized every year since 1977 and which showed a BMW model decorated by a famous artist. 17 unique models bathed in art and the talent of 17 very well-known artists.

You can admire Andy Warhol’s car, Ken Done’s, the one made by Robert Rauschenger… whom we’d see participating in that year’s 24 Hours at Le Mans. In this  small 40 minute documentary, you can learn the history of these very special and unique cars in BMW’s by now legendary initiative.

Plus, we can make an online virtual visit of the exhibit of all the famous vehicles which each artist left behind year after year. This tour allows you to pay tribute to the fusion of industry and art, a mix which, as you can see by the images, has given great results. Today, the different models rest in art galleries all over the world. Which one is your favorite?

Official website | BMW Art Car Tour

Microscopic dancing on water origami

Por Tony Goriainoff

You don’t need to be an art lover to recognize art at first sight, in whichever form it takes. Etienne Cliquet’s video shows us art in its purest from in a surprising manner. Origami is known as the Japanese art of paper folding. But in this case, we are under a new and surprising level, we are not talking about origami but about microscopic origami.

In all truth, you don’t need a microscope to see these pieces of paper, but it is obvious that a magnifying glass was used to cut and fold each of them to obtain these forms. But what is more surprising is seeing how these micro origami, once set on water, start to open and twist until they reach their new shape.

The reason for this movement lies on the physical principle known as capillarity,by which water will enter a paper’s pores and deform it as though it were a pair of gentle hands. I’m surprised about the peace the whole exercise transmits as you see unfold this peculiar paper dance which slowly moves until it achieves a position of absolute rest. The only thing missing is chill-out music to create the perfect relaxation ambiance.

Further info | Ordinami

Graffiti can or Cocktail maker?

Por Diego Campillo

Ok, so it is not the news story of the century, but you can’t say that the invention is not curious at least. It is one of those silly products, almost tacky, that you come across on the net and which you’d fill your personal museum with. I don’t think we’ll see Tom Cruise making cocktails as Brian Flanagan with this thing.

But since graffiti is now art (about time), and many consider it chic since it made its way unto many a gallery wall, any excuse is a good one to make business. In this case, William Kellogg (not the cereal maker), has reproduced a can of Krylon aerosol, a brand which monopolized graffiti work years back, and has transformed it into a cocktail shaker.

You can get this stainless steel shaker Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s online store online store for only 20 dollars.

Official Web | MCA