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Patrick Brown, I want to draw just like you

Por Roberto Pastor

I’m a fan of good illustrators, especially ones from Korea. Their Manga-like style and their incredible ability to manage color drew me to them instantly. But here I’m going to talk about Patrick Brown, and Australian illustrator who won me over instantly. Patrick himself is a fan of Humberto Ramos, and you can tell by the style similarities, although I think Brown has surpassed Ramos.

Another reason why I admire Patrick’s work is the theme of the art itself. Video games, comics, television series, cinema… pop culture have been a well from which he’s drawn a lot using Photoshop and his lead.

Chaos Cinema, analyzing modern action films

Por Roberto Pastor

I found these two videos -18 minutes in total, made by Matthias Stork more than interesting. In them, he analyzes the canons which rule modern action cinema, and compares them with films from the decades past and some unchallenged classics. The videos are in English and with no subtitles, so if you want to see a transcript of them, see this.

In any case, I’ll try to summarize his conclusions. Matt says something which we all already knew (I included), that today, action scenes owe more to clever photography than to action itself. Dizzying camera spins, flighty zooms and unexpected framing have substituted the work of the Director when it comes to displaying action on screen.

Tree of Life, Terrence Malick’s lack of responsibility

Por Roberto Pastor

I understand that being a movie director means having to accept an implicit contract with the audience, the latter promises to view the former’s work, and he, in turn, promises to be responsible for his work, which must tell a story which is, at least, comprehensible.

Well, that type of contract has been broken by Terrence Malick and myself. The Tree of Life, the latest work from this not too prolific director, only made me reach a level of nerve I had not experienced in a while. I won’t go into the plot simply because I didn’t understand it. I saw images, most of them beautiful, scenes where finding a set plane was just mission impossible, a National Geographic documentary and some other eccentricities. But no cohesion.

25 spectacular movies you should watch

Por Roberto Pastor

This post’s title is what they preach at ‘High Existence’, who have made a selection of 25 movies which, although not top of the line, they believe are a must-see. By ‘top-of-the-line’ we mean those movies made for a mass audience and which are often blockbusters, which does not mean they are a quality product.

I was surprised to see some of these 25 movies being on this list, especially since some of them I think are very famous in the circles I move in, and which I normally recommend highly.

I won’t comment on all the movies (especially since I haven’t seen all yet) but I would like to point out a couple. The first one on the list is Woody Allen’s latest film, Midnight in Paris, which, amazingly, has turned into one of his highest grossing films.

TRON’s lightcycle, lifesize and electric

Por Ramon Soto

Without a doubt, TRON is one of the most interesting movies to come out of the 80s , and maybe all of the Sci-Fi genre. That fantasy world where a hacker is abducted into a virtual world and he must face computer programs with only a security program as ally certainly had an impact on my generation -even if we now have the odd white hair.

One of the best remembered scenes is the famous lightcycle race, a race to the death, which made enemies face each other across a large field as they piloted futuristic-looking cycles which moved at the speed of thought, leaving behind a deadly solid light trail to end with their opponent. A harsh game. Well, now times are changing and today we can enjoy Tron’s sequel and the lightcycle’s update. And today we can admire a life-size replica of the legendary vehicle.