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Spotify presenta las Spotify Apps

Por Oscar J. Baeza

Spotify ha presentado el nuevo enfoque de su servicio con la Spotify Platform que ofrece a los desarrolladores la oportunidad de crear aplicaciones HTML5 basadas en la música.

Para ir abriendo boca, Spotify ha presentado las Spotify Apps, aplicaciones de Rolling Stone (valoraciones), TuneWiki (muestra las letras a modo de karaoke), SongKick (información sobre conciertos y giras de los artistas), Last.FM (recomendaciones musicales), Billboard, Soundrop, Moodagent, Pitchfork, Top10, ShareMyPlaylists, Fuse y The Guardian, entre otros.

Spotify también ha presentado novedades en la aplicación que integrará las Spotify Apps como un buscador de aplicaciones llamado App Finder o un listado en la barra lateral con las últimas canciones escuchadas por ciertos contactos a nuestra elección.

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Madrid sounds like Jazz

Por Dani Martinez

Once again, a Jazz frenzy is knocking on Madrid’s doors. Free rythms and fusion envelop November warming and dizzying the hearts of those people ambling around the capital in the wake of Christmas. Madrid’s XXVIII Jazz Festival invites us to travel around the world from the stage. From Australia, Senegal or India and Uganda to Honduras, Chile, Argentina or the South, caressing rythms that taste of flamenco and Spanish copla.

An added string of performances designed to make us smile, a new venue which means the ability to hold 27 more concerts, the Conde Duque Auditorium, a venue with perfect acoustics ready to let 300 spectators in.

Tom Waits comes back with ‘Bad as me’

Por Dani Martinez

I have to admit that I only just recently heard about Tom Waits (I know, I know), and his harsh voice, his eccentric brand of rock,  and his moving growls. It was through a friend that tends to teach things through examples that I heard about him, and he’s been one of my favorite musicians since.

And since we are admitting things…I admit that the first time I pressed play, it sounded strange. A first-time type of strange. Like the first time you eat sushi, or the first time a mosquito bites you, it itches and you can’t stop scratching. And I like first times… so lets say that my first time with Tom Waits itched, and I scratched a lot.

Lil Wayne returns with a mixtape: ‘Sorry 4 the wait’

Por Jorge García

Didn’t seem like it, but he’s finally back. One of the, according to many, the best rappers in history, Lil Wayne, returns to the scene after a long spell of inactivity, insofar as new material is concerned. He does so in the form of a free mixtape which is only an appetizer for what’s coming ahead and his fans are waiting for: his next album, which will see the light of day very soon.

He’s sorry about the wait, but seeing the quality of some of the tracks (while some others leave a lot to be desired) all is forgiven. In this new work, titled ‘Sorry 4 the wait‘ we can guess what the 4th album from the ‘The Carter‘ saga will be: a continuation of Lil Wayne’s sound. Disco music and rhythms and lyrics from the ‘hood, sometimes a bit empty, but at times attractive, colorful, with a raunchy side in the right measure.

Nirvana’s Nevermind turns 20 with a luxury edition

Por Dani Martinez

From the good news section of the day, yes, the much hailed luxury re-edition of Nirvana’s Nevermind to celebrate its turning 20 and which will be available at your local shop/download portal from the 19th of September.

Under the title Super Deluxe Edition, a name that puts a tingle in your gut, the special re-edition will come with 4 CDs with unpublished tracks, oddities, B-sides, outtakes, live recordings and live shows at the BBC. It will also come with a concert DVD, complete and never-seen-before. Yes. Never before seen.

Released in1991, Nevermind was the group’s second album, and Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, have sold over 30 million albums so far… I have written the date down on my calendar like a hysterical 15 year old, waiting as I am for that September date…