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Erik Johansson, retouched photography

Por Dani Martinez

The world of photography has always had an on-going debate about retouching, or not, photographs. Personally, and not knowing much about it, I’ve always preferred the natural look, the moment, regardless of camera or the photographer’s name, if what you’ve taken makes me stop to have a look, you’ve done your job. However, if we value work as creativity, as a differentiating element, then Swedish photographer Erik Johansson deserves an applause.

Almost all of us have come across one of his photographs which have always stood out because of those ‘spins’ which ensure you not only stop to look, but you always smile at them. And the best part is that he is self-taught.

Capturing New York’s twilight

Por Ramon Soto

A spectacular series of photographs of New York which show two different sides of the city: one in the day time, the other at night. It is as if the fine line that divides day and night was captured. The end result is amazing.

Photographer Stephen Wilkes is the artist who made this possible thanks to his patience, since, simplifying the process, has made two photographs of the same exact spot, but 10 hours apart. The end result makes you feel like the boast about New York never sleeping is really true.

Little Photo, thousands of combinations for your camera

Por Oscar J. Baeza

Little Photo

Among the recent cameras for Android which let you add effects Little Photo is among the ones that stands out. It has more than 70 effects as standard which can be combined among them and allow for the addition of frames, thus personalizing the final effect. Little Photo also gives you some variations, such as LOMO, Polaroid, vintage styles, hazing, sketch, drawing styles and enough color filters to make you dizzy.

I do however miss a few things on Little Photo, like the option to geolocate images and the largest size available is 1024px so our camera’s megapixels won’t get much use. Little Photo’s effects are grouped in three main blocks: Effects1 (LOMO, lens games and light effects), Effects2 (sketches and effects applied to the images) and EffectsR (color filters), to which Frames must be added.

RetroCamera, vintage cameras for your Xperia

Por Oscar J. Baeza


RetroCamera is one of the first photographic effect apps which made it unto Android, alongside other mythical apps such as FxCamera (which does not get updated very often), Camera360, CameraZOOM FX or Vignette, but with a Vintage style which has not yet been surpassed by any Android app.

RetroCamera incorporates 6 cameras based on the LOMO, Holga, Polaroid, Diana and Hipstamatic styles which combine with vignette, scratched and spilt effects, color and contrast filters, frames and crossed process, among others.

Flickr for Android, the long-awaited app

Por Oscar J. Baeza

Flickr para Android

There is a long list of services, social networks and apps which, as we use them, we realize our Xperia™ cannot do without. For instance, we could not conceive of an Android handset without the official Twitter, facebook or YouTube apps. One of the great missing apps for a long time has been an official Flickr app for Android, which has, finally, been released by Yahoo! to coincide with the well-know photographers site’s new direction.

Flickr for Android allows us now to not just see our profile and images, as well as those of our contacts, but it allows us to visualize our account’s recent activity, navigate our favorite sets, comments, contacts, tagged photographs, manage our friendship status with our contacts, add new ones and visualize EFIX data for the images. It also includes the addition of gestures to tag unto images, or visualize a full screen, easing the view of sets or recent activity.

On the new Flickr for Android app, our contact’s recent activity is shown grouped up in 4 images on a grid. Recent profile images, as well as sets, can be visualized in three different ways: presentation, list, or grid, this last one being my favorite.